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Attackers of rights defender still free

Police are yet to make any arrests in connection with last week’s shooting of Amnesty International country boss Justus Nyangaya.

Nonetheless, investigations are ongoing and the police are optimistic they will turn out a crucial lead.

“Our investigations are on course,” Ongata Rongai CID boss Dickson Kasyoki said.

Mr Nyangaya was shot and seriously injured on Tuesday night when thugs invaded his home in Acacia Estate, Ole Kasasi area.

He was shot on the left side of his chest, his left hand and thigh during the midnight attack.

Giving an account latter on, Mr Nyang’aya, now admitted at Karen Hospital, said he had just returned from escorting a neighbour when he was accosted by six armed men who forced themselves into his compound as he was closing the gate.

“They came running towards me and at first I thought they were youth from neighbouring homes. I realised they were thugs when they pushed the door as I tried to close it,” he said.

The six took his wallet and kept asking him to hand them more money.

“I told them the money in the wallet was all I had,” he said adding that they then started shooting when he obstructed their attempt to go in the house.