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‘Average’ Gachagua shares biggest regrets

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has described himself as an average mind that is “not so clever and neither is it stupid”.

The DP cited his biggest regret to be when he gave birth to two children on the premise he would be in a position to accord them a quality life.

That belief, the DP says, notion, was misguided by the Europeans who insist on siring two children “instead of ten”.

“Now they (his two sons) are big and out of our home. My home is big and only me and my wife live there. It is a lonely establishment and had I been wiser, I would have spiritedly sired,” he said.

He added that it was a generational lie he wouldn’t wish on the community “and as your leader, I am not afraid to tell you to give birth to guarantee us numbers and might”.

Mr Gachagua urged his community to rapidly multiply and give rise to huge families, saying the only bad big thing that can befall anyone is a wound.

“I am not too clever and also I cannot be said to be foolish. I’m there in between. There are things I will know and there are those that I don’t know,” he said while speaking in Mukurweini constituency of Nyeri County.

Mr Gachagua was the chief guest during the burial ceremony of the late Joseph Muiga who is father to Embakasi Central MP Mr Benjamin Gathiru popularly known as Major Donk.

He said his average wisdom makes it possible to read the riot act to his community, especially on the need for procreation, unity, the management of family resources, and on how to stay sober.

“We have a serious challenge as a community where our prominent people get deceased and their children have no idea on what to do with their lives…they get confused…they get lost. The prominent families leave behind immense wealth which ends wasted by their children,” he said.

He urged wealthy parents to involve their children in the day-to-day management of the estate to prepare them for takeover once death strikes.

On unity, he lamented that the community has some evil people “who once they see you rising they start devising on how to bring you down”.

He said the community has people who pray negatively for those attempting to rise, counseling that “there is no loss you can incur if your neighbour makes it in life and never desire all those around you to be misers”.

He said there is more fulfillment if you are surrounded by empowered people.

“Never let your brother be injured as you watch, never let your sister fall into a pit you saw without burying it, dug for her. Let us love one another. Buffaloes do not troop together because of common love but because of fending off common danger. Let us be like buffaloes,” he said.

Appearing to be making his case as Deputy President where he is said to be finding it difficult to win unanimous acceptability in the region, Mr Gachagua said “When one of us rise, let us not fight him but help, pray and fight for him”.

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