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Bahati offers support amid Akothee’s separation speculations

In a heartwarming display of solidarity, Kenyan singer Bahati has extended his support and encouragement to fellow artist Akothee amidst swirling rumours surrounding her alleged separation from her husband, Denis Schweizer.

Bahati took to his social media platforms to send a message of reassurance and love to the renowned artist, affectionately addressing her as “Madam Boss.”

Akothee, celebrated for her invaluable contributions to the Kenyan music industry, has been at the centre of online chatter regarding her personal life in recent weeks.

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Amidst these rumours, Bahati sought to uplift her spirits and remind her of her significance in the industry and the hearts of her fans.

In his heartfelt message, Bahati expressed deep admiration for Akothee, acknowledging her iconic status and her role as a treasure in the Kenyan music scene. He referred to her as not just an artist but also as a dear friend.

“Madam Boss, Mum and My Friend @Akotheekenya … No Public Opinion Can Define You… You are Iconic and a Treasure in Our Kenyan Industry, We Love You,” Bahati wrote.

In a gesture of unwavering support, Bahati emphasized that public opinion should not define Akothee’s worth and impact.

He conveyed his love for her and made it clear that her happiness was of paramount importance.

He stated, “Naona maneno mingi online, but sijaaalii (I have seen a lot of online speculation, but I don’t care about that),  as long as you’re happy, that’s what matters most.”

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Bahati’s message radiated positivity and camaraderie, as he playfully mentioned that if Akothee were to announce another wedding in the future, they would all joyfully partake in the celebration.

“Just to let you know, hata kesho ukituita harusi ingine tutakuja mapeeeemaaa juu furaha yako ndio furaha yetu. (Just so you know, even tomorrow if you call us for another wedding, we’ll come with great joy because your happiness is our happiness.)”

Bahati’s message of support joins a chorus of encouragement from other Kenyan celebrities.

Senator Karen Nyamu shared her heartfelt support, celebrating Akothee’s resilience and strength. She assured her that they would dance together once more.

She wrote, “My baby, you will always come out on top. You have a mwakenya (cheat sheet) for this life. We shall dance again and again. Sending love.”

Akothee’s daughter, Rue Baby, emphasized the importance of personal growth and healing during difficult times. She pledged their enduring support, saying, “And we will always be here for you, my love.”

Suba North Member of Parliament (MP) Millie Odhiambo Mabona extended her spiritual support to Akothee, highlighting the strength that comes from God’s grace.

She commended Akothee’s courage in acknowledging her challenges and seeking support.

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