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Bahati remains silent over latest accusations of not paying his video vixen

Singer Bahati Kioko has hit the headlines again for allegedly not paying his video vixen in his popular song, Adhiambo.

Brenda Otieno is the video vixen who appeared in Bahati and Prince Indah’s viral collabo, Adhiambo released in October 2021.

In a video on her TikTok, Brenda said despite the video garnering more than 22 million views on YouTube, She has not received any coin yet.

“I am tired of being quiet. Somebody tell Bahati that I have given him 24 hours to pay me. If he doesn’t pay me for that role, I will sue him because there is a law. He is taking advantage because I am a woman,” she said.

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This is not the first time Bahati is facing such accusations. In 2018, Bahati was accused by another video vixen of playing tricks with her in his song Kumbe Kumbe, featuring Mr Seed.

“We were told to be around Syokimau at 7am, and we did our rehearsals and they came at around 12pm, and they at least gave us food. But the bad thing is they started to discriminate us by the way we dressed,” the vixen said back then.

“We did the shoot and at around 10pm, they got a matatu for us, which dropped us in town, and they said we sort ourselves from there. It was now around 11pm and they did not care how we would get home.”

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Vixens, often referred to as video models, play a significant role in bringing visual storytelling to life through their presence and performances in music videos.

However, despite their valuable contributions to the art form, these talented individuals are sometimes overlooked when it comes to fair compensation for their time, effort, and talent.

Bahati did not respond when contacted by Nairobi News for a comment about the same.