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Barriers at former Hilton Hotel removed after Sakaja order

The barriers at a building that hosted the Hilton Hotel in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD) have finally been removed.

The removal comes a day after Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja ordered their removal during a meet-the-people tour of the city.

On the night of April 20, 2023, Nairobi County engineers removed the barriers that were installed by the hotel on both sides.

Those manning the barriers only authorized individuals including customers and visitors with valid reasons to be there permission to enter.

While ordering the removal, Governor Sakaja said that he is always encouraged by the people of the city.

“Despite tough times, I am always encouraged by the positivity and resilience of the people of this great city. The barrier at the Hilton Hotel should be removed,” Governor Sakaja said.

The barrier encroaches on Watalii Road which is a public road and had turned the road into a parking space for its clients.

After their removal, members of the public will now have an easy time accessing the Kencom bus terminus where the Public Service Vehicles there ply different routes.

The hotel, known for its imposing 17-storey circular tower, has been an iconic landmark in Nairobi for more than 53 years.

The iconic hotel closed its doors forever on December 31, 2022. And will remain so for as long as the building does not have a new occupant.

The facility was the first property in the capital to introduce the executive lounge concept for its VIP guests in 1994.

Its busy entrances and exits at the barriers have witnessed little to no activity since it closed its doors with patrons replaced by hawk-eyed security personnel.

On one end of the building is the busy Commercial Bus park that is always beaming up with activities while the other end boasts of a more quitter business hub dominated by fast food outlets.

The removal of the barriers will ease the movement of people between these two points and save pedestrians the trouble of circumventing the building.

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