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BBC roasted for ‘making’ Nkaissery Nigerian

December 22nd, 2015 1 min read


British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on Tuesday became the butt of jokes and memes on social by Kenyans online for calling Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery Nigerian.

This after a story on the Air France flight No 463, which was on Sunday morning forced to make an emergency landing in Mombasa after a security scare, was aired on BBC with Nkaissery’s clip captioned as “Nigerian Cabinet Secretary for Interior”

Kenyans, being who they are took, a screenshot of the photo and shared it on Instagram and Twitter in an attempt to stage an African audience boycott against the broadcaster.


However, the hashtag #SomeonetellBBC was only briefly visible on Twitter and by Tuesday evening it was nowhere near trending topics.

@Jwaigi tweeted, “#SomeoneTellBBC, there is a difference between Kenya and Nigeria.”

@DavidMaina_N tweeted, “#SomeoneTellBBC #Nkaissery is not from Oga land.”

The online community in Kenya is known for being vocal especially when international broadcasters make factual errors on Kenyan or African stories.

During Pope Francis’ visit last month, Kenyans on Twitter slammed American broadcaster Fox News for stating that the Pontiff was visiting ‘war-torn Africa’.

Aljazeera also got a share of its bashing when it stated in an online article that the Pontiff shook hands with ICC criminals.

In July, ahead of US President Barack Obama’s visit, CNN was in trouble for portraying Kenya as a ‘hotbed of terror’ in its broadcast.