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Beer empress Anerlisa in ugly spat with fan over her ‘mum’s money’

Keroche Breweries Heiress Anerlisa Muigai engaged in a war of words with a fan on Instagram on Monday over the source of her wealth.

The fan had accused Anerlisa of riding on her mother’s back to build an empire of her own and taking the credit.

Anerlisa had taken to Instagram where she posted a picture of herself sitting next to a sleek car and, as usual, she captioned it with a message aimed at empowering young women.

She urged women to make their own money because it will help them get respect from men.

“Ladies: – Once you make a little bit of your money, all these nig*as will have some sort of respect for you. #fact,” wrote Ms Anerlisa.

Many online users concurred,  but a fan by the name of Mikeztyme pointed out how easy it was for her to hold such an opinion especially after her mum made some money for her.

“Once your mommy* makes some money for you,” commented Mikeztyme.

Anerlisa responded; “@mikeztyme and where was your mommy* at when mine was making money.”

The fan then replied by explaining to Anerlisa that it is okay to acknowledge her mum’s effort which ensured she got a better life.

“@anerlisa it’s okay to say mommy made all this money and only reason I’m rich is because of her. It’s okay & you should be PROUD of it (no one will take anything away from you.) And now you’re expanding on it and you have your own business. That’s dope,” said Mikeztyme.


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