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Behind closed doors of 5 ‘happy’ celeb couples

Blending love with the world of social media can be both challenging and perplexing.

When your life revolves around showcasing a glamorous lifestyle and your relationship, it’s a constant effort to maintain that image.

While some celebrity couples are genuinely happy, others merely wear a facade of smiles on social media, concealing the complexities of their real lives behind closed doors.

Some even go to great lengths to fabricate a lifestyle just to attract a larger audience.

It’s essential to remember that even when someone shares their life online, there’s a private side that remains hidden from public view.

These intricacies often surface during break-ups, offering a glimpse into the unnoticed realities.

Below are a behind the closed doors of ‘happy’ celebrity couples:

Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo

The famous Bibi wa tajiri Amber Ray a few days ago hinted to her followers the end of her relationship with her second baby daddy, Kennedy Rapudo.

On October 13, the mother of two suggested her relationship with Kennedy Rapudo had hit a rocky patch.

Amber Ray, born Faith Makau, known for her lavish lifestyle and candid presence on social media, shared a series of posts expressing her emotional turmoil.

“The love and unity that a marriage should stand on becomes blurred, and eventually it leaves you drained. I have been in that environment for a while now, and my peace and safety have made it impossible for me to stay. The bruises and scars go beyond the physical, and for my own sake, I have to choose me,” Amber Ray shared on her socials.

However, on various social media platforms, the two were showing the world how much they love each other and their fancy lifestyle.

Georgina Njenga and actor Tyler Mbaya

Kenyan YouTuber Georgina Njenga in August shed light on her breakup with former ‘Machachari’ actor Tyler Mbaya, better known as Baha.

Speaking to YouTuber Eve Mungai, the mother of one revealed that their separation was a mutual decision driven by a multitude of underlying issues.

Everything came to light barely months after Baha caused a stir on social media after being linked to alleged scamming.

The former Machachari actor was exposed for borrowing money from various Instagram users, and thereafter, Georgina told of his gambling addiction, claiming she pays all their bills.

Baha is in rehab.

Singer Akothee and hubby Omosh

Just a few weeks ago, singer Akothee, on her social media post, expressed gratitude to those who supported her during a challenging period of her life. She revealed that she had been healing in private and undergoing therapy for the past two months.

Akothee shared that she had gone through a traumatic experience, which left her shaken and emotionally unstable. She mentioned that she experienced days without food and sleep and questioned herself while maintaining her public image, family, and business.

“I started by monitoring my behaviors, I realised I was breaking down quite often for no reason, even just a simple interview. I had become emotionally unstable, and I couldn’t put a finger on it. I never knew about emotional abuse until I started therapy,” Akothee revealed.

This came just a few months after a glamorous wedding attended by the likes of Mama Ida Odinga.

Jackie Matubia and Blessing Lung’aho

In May, Jackie Matubia shunned the rumours with a photo text on her Instagram stories reading telling off ‘miserable’ haters after rumours about their break-up with Blessing Lung’aho broke.

“People want you to be unhappy so bad….Nah, we are blessed over here! I pray you all to find happiness so you won’t be so miserable!” she posted.

In March 2023, the mother of two revealed she started dating her fiance Blessing Lung’aho when she was already dating a man she was planning to end the relationship with.