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BenSoul excited to mentor six rising stars in Sol Generation’s “Press Play” program

Singer BenSoul is brimming with enthusiasm as he takes on the role of mentor for the six talented artists selected for the Sol Generation Artists Development Programme, known as “Press Play.”

Sol Generation, a renowned record label, recently shared their excitement about the collaboration, showcasing the artists’ journey into creativity and musical mastery.

“Dive into Creativity! Our artists are crafting magic with @Bensoulmusic today! Every note, every word, every emotion—we’re creating musical masterpieces. Get ready for a burst of creativity!” the record label shared.

BenSoul expressed his confidence in the upcoming artists, stating:

“The world isn’t ready for the talented superstars in this room!”

Sol Generation’s journey has been marked by the successful mentorship of Nviiri and BenSoul, who were signed to the label four years ago.

While the two protégés have been preparing their fans for their departure, Sol Generation continues to nurture fresh talent.

Analo Kanga, a multi-talented female artist proficient in saxophone, vocals, and performance, is the latest addition to the label.

The “Press Play” programme is designed to equip emerging artists with the necessary skills to develop their talents and compete on a global scale.

Among the selected artists are Lukundo Sikombe, a Tanzanian Indie RNB singer, Bakhita Muniafu, a Kenyan Rockstar, Arline Conslate, Yong Dana, Wakesho, and former NTV’s Generation 3 TV host, Juanita Tunu.

Arline Conslate, one of the chosen contestants, shared her experience of being selected, saying:

“When I sent out my audition, I was so scared, because I was sure they wouldn’t pick me, but God had other plans. The same evening I sent out my entry, I was called for auditions. I’m expecting to be the best. I want to sing my soul out, want to show the world what good music is.”

Wakesho, another beneficiary of the programme, expressed her gratitude, noting:

“The opportunity came at the right time when I was almost giving up on music. This is a testament that I was made to entertain. I want to thank Sol Generation Directors Bien, Savara, Chimano, and Fancy Fingers for the opportunity; I will not let them down.”

Over the course of the programme, the six artists will undergo comprehensive training in various aspects of their craft, including brand development, songwriting, dance and performance, marketing, voice training, and music distribution.

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