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Police launch investigation after a gun is found in a restaurant toilet in Kilimani

Police are looking for the owner who left his gun at a toilet in one of the city restaurants in Kilimani, Nairobi.

Police believe that a patron, believed to be a licensed firearm holder, visited CJ’s Restaurant at Ola Petrol Station along Argwings Kodhek Road in Yaya Centre and after a visit to the restroom, the individual inadvertently left behind a Steyr C9-A2 MF pistol loaded with 16 bullets, which was found resting on the cistern.

The firearm was found moments after the owner had exited both the restroom and the restaurant, causing panic among witnesses, who promptly alerted the police.

Restaurant management contacted the authorities, who arrived at the scene and took custody of the firearm.

Detectives who arrived at the scene said they are tracing the owner for grilling for further action. There were fears the weapon could have fallen into the wrong hands.

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Safekeeping of such weapons is key in having a civilian issued with a permit to own a gun.

The rules say the weapons should be in the sight of the owner or a safe in the house all the time.

In June 2022, former Permanent Secretary John Kochellah lost his registered firearm in unclear circumstances.

Mr Konchellah who was a PS for East African Affairs told police he realised that he’d lost his firearm after returning to his house.

Police said that Mr Konchellah reported he had visited several places in the city during the day and after returning home he realised he did not have his firearm.

“The former PS said he first visited Car and General to purchase a motor vehicle, then he went to have lunch at Golden Spot located in Kilimani area before heading to Nairobi Club and then later home where he discovered that he did not have his pistol which was loaded with 9 rounds of ammunitions,” he said.

In a police statement, Mr Konchellah reported that after discovering that his firearm was missing, he retraced his steps but he could not find it.

Police said that Mr Konchellah has been a registered firearm holder for eight years.