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Bensoul: Why is leaving Sol Generation a big deal?

Bensoul, the renowned ‘Nairobi’ hitmaker, recently announced his exit from Sol Generation, the record label that brought him into the limelight.

Despite the mixed reactions the news elicited on social media, Bensoul clarified that he did not fall out with the label’s management and that his contract is merely ending.

“I think guys are blowing the news out of proportion. Guys are overthinking but really there is no drama in this. My contract is coming to an end and I just want to create space for other deserving up and coming artists to join the label and nature their career like I did. It’s an amazing place to be.”

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On why he chose not to renew the contract?

“I honestly feel, for the time that I have been there (five years) I have tremendously grown as a person and an artist. It’s only wise to leave and create space for others.

There is absolutely no blood between Sol Generation and me, if anything, we still remain best buddies and as a matter of fact, people should expect more collaboration from us even once my contract runs down,” he adds.

He expressed his desire to create space for other deserving upcoming artists to join the label and further their careers.

He even hinted at more collaborations with the label once his contract expires.

Last year, Bien Aime Barasa, Sol Generation’s co-founder, stated that the first cohorts of the label, Bensoul and Nviiri the Storyteller, were free to leave once their contracts were up.

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Bien equated nurturing artists to raising children, and when the time comes, allowing them to find their path independently.

“None of them has told us he plans to leave but if it’s time to leave and they want to then we will allow them. I mean after five years my work of nurturing them is basically done. If you check with most labels around the world, in year five your artiste should already be a made-man and when they leave, they will be starting at some established level” Bien said then.

Bensoul, who debuted in February 2019 with Sol Generation, aims to continue growing and excelling in his music career.

With his departure from the label, he seeks to encourage other aspiring artists to seize opportunities and achieve their dreams.

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