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Betrayal! Zari Hassan and Akothee’s sister Cebbie are friends

Zari Hassan and Cebbie, Akothee’s sister, share a strong friendship.

Zari took to social media to inspire her fans, emphasising the importance of self-belief.

“Believe me, there isn’t a single person you need more in this life than you need yourself. Always put yourself first! Read that again,” Zari captioned her post.

Her words resonated with many of her followers, including Cebbie, who sent a shout-out to Zari, calling her a queen.

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Zari responded to Cebbie’s compliment with love emoticons, showing their affection for each other.

Recently, there has been ongoing tension between Akothee and Zari Hassan, a Ugandan businesswoman based in South Africa.

This tension was highlighted a few weeks ago following their respective weddings – which took place in the same month.

Over the Easter holidays, Akothee held a lavish wedding ceremony at the Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club in Nairobi.

Just a week later, reports emerged that Zari had also tied the knot, just 48 hours after Akothee’s wedding.

Critics suggested that Zari had succumbed to peer pressure, prompting her to defend herself against the allegations.

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In a video shared on Snapchat, Zari expressed her frustration at being constantly criticised for living her life on her own terms.

Zari questioned why people always seemed to have a problem with her, insisting she was not competing with anyone.

Zari insisted that her marriage to Shakib was not a decision made under pressure, and urged others to stop projecting their own unhappiness onto her.

In 2019, Zari visited Kenya and was invited by Akothee to speak to women in Mombasa about living a positive life after going through difficult times.

Despite this first interaction, the two women still seem to be at odds with each other.

Akothee and her sister Cebbie are also not on the best of terms.

On 28 May 2023, Akothee said she was not on good terms with her sister Cebbie Koks, her brothers, and some other family members.

It got so bad that Cebbie was not invited to the wedding.

Akothee said the quarrels resulted from jealousy, which she said was not there before she got her wealth.

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