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Betty Kyallo shares details of Kyallo Kulture Season 3

Media personality Betty Kyallo has announced Season 3 of Kyallo Kulture.

Kyallo Kulture is a documentary detailing the personal lives of the Kyallo sisters namely Betty, Mercy, Gloria.

Speaking on The Chipukeezy show, Betty Kyallo, a famed media personality, discussed her decision to feature her two sisters, Mercy and Gloria, in the Showmax reality show, emphasizing it was an opportunity to elevate their careers.

“Season 3 is coming back really soon. We are excited that fans loved us and that is why season 3 is coming soon,” she said.

Betty said they were vulnerable to their fans in the show.

“We decided to show things that are very uncomfortable in life, but we had to do that to be genuine. It was also a great opportunity to give exposure to my sisters in the limelight. I have already built my brand, and I wanted them to have their presence, promote their brands, and make money.”

Betty Kyallo acknowledged the support of her mother in their endeavors but mentioned that there were limits on what they could share on social media and in the show.

On the other hand, her father expressed pride in their accomplishments but sometimes found the extensive use of social media overwhelming.

“My mum is supportive but she limits us from what to say on social media and even in the show. On the other side, my dad is very proud of us but he sometimes feels the social media things is too much for us.”

She also spoke about the ups and downs they have experienced together, from loving and fighting to laughing and crying, as well as navigating financial highs and lows.

Season 2 followed the individual journeys of the Kyallo sisters as well as their collective experiences as they reconnect with each other and explore the question, “What’s my next move?”

Speaking about the new season, Betty expressed her excitement, stating:

“This will be a very successful season two because we have grown as young women. I’ve also grown as a mom and a businessperson. I felt like I was very timid in season one, but this season I’m very vulnerable and raw.”

Mercy, whose journey takes center stage this season, emphasized the special bond shared among the sisters as the highlight of “Kyallo Kulture” season two.

She remarked:

“Season one was tough for me; I had to rediscover myself and rediscover my sisters, and also get a new job. You will see in season two that I get back in the groove of things.”

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