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Beware of your baby mama’s revenge – Kenyan man warns fellow men

By Winnie Mabel December 13th, 2023 3 min read

‘Single mother’ is a term used to describe a woman who is not in a relationship with the father of her children.

This is a group of people who are often stigmatised for making the wrong decisions about their bodies and living with the consequences while the fathers of their children are let off scot-free.

However, many people never stop to wonder and reason about why a woman is raising her children alone.

Maybe their relationship broke down, and the father absconded his duties. Maybe her father’s children died, maybe they got divorced, and she fought for custody of their children, maybe infidelity broke their relationship, and she opted to keep the children.

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Whatever the reason, many ‘single mothers’ tend to be looked down upon or misused by men who seek a good time without the intention of committing to her due to the infamous ‘one-nil’ match scores.

But one Kenyan man on TikTok using the name Flapah Nyahururu has come out to warn men who conceive babies with their girlfriends or wives- or any romantic partner for that matter- and then abandon them of the consequences that await them when the women decide to revenge.

“Bro, never put yourself where a woman who gave birth to your kid plots revenge against you. You’re better off breaking up, and she leaves there and then as opposed to the one with whom you will argue, and she would take her time before leaving. What do I mean?

There are women you can quarrel with or cheat on her, and in her mind, she decides, ‘I am not staying in this marriage.’ Maybe you guys had plans to buy land and build a house. She will let you do that. She will be there, and she will let you do that.

The moment, you guy, you think you are settled, and you can go ahead (with life), that’s when she will now tell you, ‘I don’t think I can stay in this marriage.’ Bro, there is no worse guilt than this in this world. And she is going in peace.

And you won’t be able to say she left you when she met you when you hadn’t achieved anything, or she is the one who made you spend your money.

No, she will let you do all that. When you think things are settled, that is when she will want to go. Bro, never want something like this to happen to you,” said Flapah.

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Many women in his comment section agreed with him, some revealing their own instances of how they persevered by their baby daddies after being wronged, but after being able to achieve some level of emotional and financial independence, they left the relationships in peace.

“I prepared myself for one year. I took my child to a boarding school, rented a house, furnished it and on the last night, I cooked for him, gave him good ‘game’ (before I left). It’s now 15 years,” revealed Kaburia Snr.

“I rented a one bedroom house, bought everything slowly while still living with him. A marriage of 7 years, I left for my own house,” added Brenda.

“To fellow women, move out when you have fully healed,” advised Eunice.

“My lovely husband cheated on me until he became a ‘good’ man. He apologised. I prepared him well, escorted him to the stage and I left without him knowing. I left everything,” added Yvonne.

“I did this, who wants my notes?” asked Maggie.

Many more women revealed they have the same intentions to leave their cheating partners just when they think they can finally leave their wayward ways and settle down with them as plan b.