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Bien: Sauti Sol members underwent therapy for 2 years before split

Bien-Aimé Baraza, one-fourth of the renowned music group Sauti Sol, has disclosed that the band underwent therapy sessions for an extended period before deciding to take a break and explore new challenges.

Speaking on the IMO Podcast⁠, Bien explained that the decision to temporarily separate after 18 years was a collective one driven by the members’ need for fresh experiences.

“Being in a band is an incredible journey, but sometimes it’s also essential to recognize when it’s time to explore new horizons.

We didn’t part ways because we overstayed, but rather, we sought a new job, new experiences, and new challenges. We reached a point where we wanted to venture into something different,” shared Bien.

The award-winning group, consisting of vocalists Willis Chimano, Savara Mudigi, and guitarist Polycarp Otieno, has been a dominant force in the music scene since their formation in 2005.

Hits like “Sura Yako,” “Unconditionally Bae,” and “Midnight Train” have solidified their status as an iconic African music ensemble.

Addressing the collective decision-making process, Bien revealed:

“Yeah, we actually went for therapy for a long time, like two years, talking us through the moments of separation. People don’t expect boys to do that, but we did.”

Dispelling concerns about the permanence of the hiatus, Bien assured fans that the break is temporary, emphasizing that it’s just a season to explore different creative paths.

During an interview in Tanzania while promoting his newly launched album, ‘Alusa, Why Are You Topless,’ Bien extended a reassuring message to the band’s loyal fan base.

“Sauti Sol has currently taken a break. We will be back for a new season. Support my brothers in whatever they will be doing. I believe one day we will be doing music together again as a band,” shared Bien.

Bien is currently promoting his recently launched album, ‘Alusa why are you Topless’.