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Bodies flown to Nairobi as probe into deadly crash of DP Ruto’s pilot starts

State agencies were Monday attempting to piece together information on the final moments of a helicopter that crashed in Lake Turkana on Sunday, killing its pilot and four Americans.

Investigators flew to Central Island in search of the bodies and equipment that could help in identifying the probable cause of the accident.

The helicopter was being flown by Capt Marious Magonga, who was attached to Deputy President William Ruto.

The accident happened barely a month after another plane crashed in Kericho and killed the pilot and tourists heading to Turkana.

In the latest case, the helicopter, which was returning to Lobolo camp, went down around 9pm.

The National Police Service said another helicopter in tow did not experience problems.


It landed safely and sent distress messages about losing contact with the other.

Kenya Civil Aviation Authority Director-General Gilbert Kibe said the search and rescue mission was activated immediately after the message was received.

“The police service, Turkana County police commander and the air accident investigation department were informed on the incident,” Mr Kibe said.

He added that the team arrived on the island around 11.20pm and located the wreckage at 3.20am yesterday.

The five bodies were flown to Nairobi yesterday evening.

KWS official Adan Mohammed said only two bodies could be recognised.

KIDL Helicopters condoled with the families of Capt Magonga and the American tourists.