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Boni Khalwale asks parents not to return Mukumu Girls students to school

Kakamega Senator Dr. Boni Khalwale has cautioned parents on sending their children back to Mukumu Girls High School due to a mysterious ailment related to food poisoning.

The outbreak led to the school’s closure on April 3, 2023, resulting in four deaths so far, including three students and a teacher, plus over 100 hospitalized.

In a statement released on April 13, 2023, the outspoken politician expressed his lack of confidence in the school’s ability to prevent a similar occurrence in the near future.

The institution is set to reopen on May 2, 2023.

“I am disheartened to report that the situation on the ground has not changed, and I wish to advise parents of this great institution not to take their children back to school until the requisite changes are made as initially agreed upon,” said Khalwale.

The politician noted that the food storage area still contains spoiled and rotten food, despite orders to dispose of the contaminated grains before students return.

Furthermore, he mentioned that the school continues using untreated water from a nearby river, potentially containing contaminants and harmful substances. Dr. Khalwale also stated that those responsible for the school’s current state, whether through negligence, greed, or incompetence, remain in their positions.

“The storage for food is still full of bad and rotten foodstuff contrary to the directive that these grains, laced with poisonous preservatives, be destroyed (preferably burnt) ahead of the students’ return.”

He criticized the Ministry of Education and the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) for failing to take action against the school principal, Board of Management (BOM), and other officers. Dr. Khalwale urged parents not to return their children to school on May 2 unless all three concerns have been addressed.

“The Ministry of Education and the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) accordingly stands accused of failing to take any single action against the School Principal, BOM and other officers who, through sheer negligence, deliberate greed or incompetence, are responsible for the current life-threatening mess at Mukumu Girls,” said Khalwale. “I wish to advise parents not to take their children back to school on May 2nd, until and unless all the above three concerns have been addressed.”

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