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Boy awarded Ksh3 billion after penis was sliced during circumcision

A court in Georgia, United States, has awarded a five year-old boy $31 million (Ksh3.1 billion) after tip of his penis was sliced off during circumcision.

A doctor and his nurse accidentally let the scalpel slip and severe the boy’s genitals during circumcision at Life Cycle Pediatrics back in 2013. The boy, only referred as DJ, was 18 days old then.

The lawsuit filed by the boy’s family said part of his penis was severed during the procedure, but the doctor in charge sent him home bleeding instead of trying to get the piece reattached.

Last week the jury found Doctor Brian Register and nurse Melissa Jones who were in charge of the procedure liable and handed down their decision.


Rather than recommending an emergency surgery which could have lessened the child’s injuries, Dr Register and Melissa instead stored the severed tissues in a refrigerator and sent the bleeding baby home.

The botched circumcision left the boy in physical pain and chronic scabbing making it very painful for him whenever he wanted to urinate.

He has since had surgeries in Minnesota and Massachusett which have made it easier for him to pass urine. However the boy faces real test when he gets to hit his puberty and might require another surgery according to the doctors.

The family through its lawyer Neal Pole who spoke to WSB Radio, had earlier demanded a compensation of $100 million (Sh10 billion)