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Brace for service disruption as NTSA migrates to eCitizen

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has warned of disruption starting December 29, 2023, to January 1, 2024, ahead of the temporary closure of the Transport Integrated Management System (TIMS) portal.

During this period, all transactions on NTSA services will be restricted.

This move is part of the NTSA’s plan to integrate all its online services onto the eCitizen platform.

“This move aims to centralize access to services through a unified portal, thereby enhancing service delivery to motor vehicle owners and other stakeholders,” said NTSA.

In preparation for this transition, the NTSA has called on all motorists to verify their eCitizen credentials. This is a critical step as from Tuesday, January 2, 2024, only e-Citizen credentials – the username and password – will be used to access NTSA services.

“All customers with pending transactions on the TIMS platform are therefore urged to complete their applications by Friday, to avoid any inconvenience,” NTSA Director-General George Njao said in a statement.

Motorists are therefore advised to ensure their e-Citizen credentials are up to date and to be prepared for temporary service disruptions during the transition period.

“To facilitate a smooth transition, the Authority is requiring all NTSA customers, including motor vehicle owners, financial institutions, insurance companies, car/motorbike dealers, corporates/businesses, embassies, missions, ministries, departments, and agencies (MDAs), among others, to validate their eCitizen accounts,” he added.

On account validation, the NTSA noted that those mandated to transact on behalf of organisations should log into their e-Citizen accounts and add the specific organisation using the KRA PINs.

“This is a critical exercise to ensure access to all NTSA services within the platform,” the authority added.

This comes as Kenyans seeking government services on eCitizen will now be required to pay a nominal administrative fee per transaction.

In a gazette notice, Treasury and Economic Planning Cabinet Secretary Njuguna Ndung’u announced the introduction of access fees for government services on the eCitizen platform.

CS Ndung’u said that the changes that take effect immediately on the Digital Payments Platform are integrated with all available electronic payment platforms in Kenya.

This includes mobile money, electronic bank payments, real-time gross settlements (RTGS), wallets, debit or credit cards, and other payment channels.

“The platform shall be a framework through which citizens and all persons will be able to access and pay for Government services. The pro-rated charges will be applicable on all services unless otherwise waived by the Cabinet Secretary for the National Treasury and Economic Planning. The charges take effect immediately,” the CS stated.

The services and charges are as follows;

Below Sh199 will be charged at Sh5

Between Sh200 – Sh299 at Sh10

Between Sh300 – Sh499 at Sh15

Between Sh500 – Sh699 at Sh20

Between Sh700 – Sh999 at Sh25

Over Sh1000 – Sh50

Any dollar amount at I US dollar (Sh156 in current exchange rates).

The pro-rated charges will apply to all services unless otherwise waived by the CS.

The eCitizen platform shall be the framework through which citizens and all persons will be able to access and pay for government services.

Ndung’u further noted that Kenya developed the Digital Payments Platform under Article 201 (a) and Article 6 (3) of the Constitution.

He said it provides for the principle of openness and accountability of public finances, and, the obligation to deliver the widest possible access to government services respectively; and as further guided by the Public Finance Management Act.

This comes against the backdrop of the government’s directive for all government departments to comply and raise awareness on the migration of all government services to the platform by December 31, 2023.

Cabinet Secretary Mercy Wanjau in early December called on all Cabinet Secretaries to ensure that the public is well informed about the 16 000 services expected to be on the eCitizen online platform as they prioritise meeting the deadline.

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