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Brewing beef between Kabi’s sister and Milly wa Jesus?

The WaJesus family has been portraying their parents, siblings, and even children on their YouTube channel sharing snippets of what they are up to from surprises to games and even investments.

The content creators have shared their personal lives with their fans and created a fanbase out of them. While they are the mirror to some of their fans in what marriages and families need to run, they have also had their ups and downs.

Recently, Kabi’s sister Veronicah spooked her fans with her responses, an indication that there could be a brewing beef between her and Kabi’s wife Millicent Wambui.

Veronicah posted a photo of herself with Diana Marua saying she finally met her role model. Her fans quickly enquired how her sister-in-law was no longer her icon.

“Your role model is not Milly?” a fan asked.

“Everyone has their own role model. Maybe she is your role model which is good but not mine,” she shot back.

Though it is okay not to have a family member as a role model, it is important to note that Veronicah and Milly did videos together, with the former sharing them on her TikTok while it lasted.

However, since last year August, she has not shared a single video with her sister-in-law.

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In 2021, their marriage was a subject of criticism after Kabi vehemently denied siring a child with his cousin but paternity results showed otherwise.

Saying that the child was his niece, Kabi questioned how one could father his own cousin’s child. A few weeks later, DNA testing confirmed that Kabi was indeed the father, and in a video apologized to his fans and took responsibility for raising and supporting his daughter.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Kabi shared that after the whole drama, they decided as a couple to always make sure that they are okay before anything or anyone else.

“We will fight any battle as long as we are in this together. Even when we get angry about external factors, we always know that we are okay as we are,” he said.

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