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Street dancer Moya David reveals his hustles before fame

Street dancer Moya David has told of his humble beginnings.

Moya is known for his simple dance moves, and most of the time, he uses the song ‘Mi Amor’ by Tanzanian Mario and Kenyan Jovial.

Moya was pranked by comedian Terence a few days ago.

Moya David and politician Ledama
Moya David and politician Ledama

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In the video on comedian Terence’s YouTube channel, the two had a conversation that later turned out to be a prank.

Terence introduced himself as a customer who wanted his child to be surprised by the dancer.

After the conversation ended, Terence congratulated Moya for bringing smiles to people’s faces.

He also suggested that Moya start a package for young children.

He then revealed that he had been a clown before he started street dancing.

“I did it for two years and I even did face painting,” Moya said.

A clown is a person who performs comedy, usually while wearing distinctive make-up or costumes and reversing folk norms.

The 25-year-old dancer has made a name for himself with his antics at markets and fairs. He has since gone global.

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In an earlier interview, Moya said he commercialised his TikTok videos when he realised people were starting to love his work.

He decided to do TikTok differently: on the streets.

“Most people do one common thing on Tik Tok: dance. So I thought of doing something new, involving people on the streets, women in the markets,” he said.

He says that of all the people he has worked with, Nigerians are romantic.

“It has become a legitimate business. Nigerians are romantic, that’s why I’m doing a tour there,” he said.

“One Nigerian paid me Sh250,000 to perform a virtual surprise for her lover. There was another one from Dubai, alinipea shamba.”

He made his first million when he turned 25 recently. He has since ventured into other businesses, including a beauty parlour.

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