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Chipukeezy: Decade of comedy, triumphs and aspirations for global recognition

Comedian Vincent Mwasya, famously known as Chipukeezy, is approaching a remarkable milestone; 10 years in the industry. To celebrate this achievement, he’s preparing to host a grand event in his hometown, an extravaganza of laughter and amusement.

Reflecting on his journey, Chipukeezy fondly recalled his first breakthrough moment – landing his gig on the popular Churchill Show.

“Tumekanyagaten stones, day by day. I think the first time they gave me the mic at the Churchill show, and people cracked I saw it then,” he said, reminiscing about the incremental progress he made as a budding comedian.

However, his path wasn’t been without challenges. When Churchill Show took an extended hiatus, Chipukeezy found himself at a crossroads, uncertain about the next step in his career.

Fueled by his passion, he sought solace in Heartstrings, refining his acting and comedic prowess, all while waiting for Churchill’s return.

“I performed the last show, the end of the season and he took a break for two or three years, so I returned to college for journalism.”

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The turning point in Chipukeezy’s career came when he received a call from Caroline Mutoko, inviting him to join Kiss FM. Caroline’s mentorship and inspiration proved transformative for the young comedian.

She encouraged him to dream big, cautioning against letting stardom get to his head. Her influence opened doors to new opportunities and a fresh perspective on life.

“Carol inspired me to dream, to see, to believe,” he said.

Reflecting on his decade-long journey, Chipukeezy’s proudest moment in comedy was opening for US comedian Kart Williams in Washington DC. This experience broadened his horizons, prompting him to reevaluate his approach to comedy and contemplate his next moves beyond the digital realm.

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“It was one of those moments, coz what happened after Covid I got worried coz we’ve have shut down. I stayed home for one year to reflect about what is this thing we do, how did I find myself here. I started asking myself what’s next apart from online, and skits, and kuenda interviews, what is really next?” he recalled.

With dreams of global recognition, Chipukeezy has set his sights abroad, recognizing the potential of the African entertainment industry. While cherishing his local audience, he aspires to challenge himself on an international stage. He believes that by venturing into the US comedy scene, he can elevate his craft and create a lasting impact as an entertainer.

Looking ahead, Chipukeezy envisions a comedy tour featuring more than 13 comedians. This ambitious endeavor aims to showcase the diverse talents of African comedians to a wider audience, proving that their humor knows no bounds.

As he gears up to mark his 10years in comedy, Chipukeezy is not just celebrating past triumphs but embracing the endless possibilities that lie ahead. 

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