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Chipukeezy plots ‘grand’ TV comeback

Kenyan comedian Vincent Mwasia, popularly known in entertainment circles as Chipukeezy, has exciting news for his fans as he announces the triumphant return of his renowned show.

After a hiatus spanning three years, the highly show is making its comeback on the screens through the National broadcaster, KBC Channel One.

Adding to the excitement, the show will feature the comedic talents of Kartelo, who will join as the co-host.

Overflowing with gratitude, Chipukeezy expresses his amazement at the revival of “The Chipukeezy Show.”

The extended break between seasons has lent the journey even more significance, and Chipukeezy acknowledges the blessings he has received along the way. The show’s new home, KBC Channel 1, receives a heartfelt acknowledgment as Chipukeezy hails it as the leading and most accessible station.

“With a heart full of gratitude, I can hardly believe I’m saying this – the Chipukeezy Show is back! After 3 years break, this journey feels even more meaningful, and I can’t thank God enough for His blessings. A special heartfelt accolade to our new home, KBC Channel 1, the number one and most senior, easy-to-watch station!,” the comedian shared via his social media platforms. 

To the unwavering fans who patiently awaited the show’s return, Chipukeezy delivers a message of anticipation for an extraordinary upcoming season. The revival is dedicated to the fans’ loyalty and support, underscoring its significance as a celebratory gesture. Chipukeezy assures them that this new chapter is a tribute to their dedication. 

“To all the fans who held on, get ready for an incredible season ahead. This one’s for you! @kbcchannel1,” said Chipukeezy.

The revival marks a significant turning point for the show, as it returns following a hiatus triggered by Chipukeezy and Kartelo’s abrupt departure from Ebru TV a few years ago. The departure was surrounded by controversy when Chipukeezy was compelled to conclude the show on Ebru TV. 

The underlying reason was an email directive from Ebru TV requesting the removal of Kartelo from “The Chipukeezy Show.” The channel alleged that the show had taken on a “ghetto” tone, prompting the demand for Kartelo’s removal.

Resolute in his stance, Chipukeezy refused to part ways with Kartelo, which left him with no alternative but to terminate his contract with Ebru TV. The decision was a testament to the camaraderie and partnership between the two comedians. Despite the challenging circumstances, their unity remained strong.

In a surprising twist, in October 2019, Chipukeezy unveiled his plans to join TV47, raising expectations for another chapter of his show. However, these plans ultimately failed to materialize, leading to further uncertainty about the show’s future.

Now, with the announcement of the show’s return on KBC Channel One, Chipukeezy and Kartelo’s camaraderie and comedic talents are set to shine once again. The revived show promises laughter, entertainment, and a renewed connection with its dedicated viewers.

As the curtains rise on this exciting new season, Chipukeezy’s journey from the challenges of departure to the triumph of return stands as a testament to perseverance, loyalty, and the enduring power of comedy to unite and uplift. The countdown to the show’s grand revival is underway, and fans are eagerly awaiting the laughter-filled episodes that lie ahead.

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