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Churchill show comedian Mchungaji reveals strained relationship with mother

Former Churchill show comedian Josephat Mchasia, widely known as Mchungaji has recently opened up about the bitter and challenging relationship he shares with his mother

In a viral video, Mchungaji painfully recalled the moment his own mother disowned him, expressing disbelief at his chosen path in the art industry.

The comedian now says he has not seen or visited his mother for two years.

“Since 2021, I have not talked to her, and I can show you missed calls.”

“My mother told me when she saw me on Churchill show that I should go away and that she should never see me there.”

Reflecting on his challenging journey, Mchungaji disclosed that, during a period of need, he sought help from his ex-lover, who supported him with Sh5,000.

He further detailed the lack of support from his father, who, despite working at Royal Media, refused to provide bus fare for auditions.

However, when his father eventually witnessed Mchungaji’s success on television, he became the first to reach out.

“I went out and the funny part is I went back to my ex-lover and she helped me with 5k which I used to buy the jikos for selling smokies. I could not go to my dad because he is already married. I used to meet him on my way to the auditions and he also refused to give me bus fare yet he was working at Royal media.

When he saw me on TV, he was the first person to call me,” he narrated.

He further added that his mother did not believe he had appeared on TV because she did not support her.

“She did not support me at any way. She used to say I was making noise in the house. She was told by neighbors that I would end up a mad person. They did not understand¬† that I was talented. My mother disowned me and I don’t regret not visiting her,” he said.