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Colonel Mustapha opens up on brief romance with Huddah Monroe

Rapper Colonel Mustapha, known for his legendary contributions to the music scene, has shared insights into his brief but eventful relationship with high-flying socialite Huddah Monroe.

According to Mustafa, the two-week romance began at a music studio where they were set to collaborate on a project.

“We met at the studio. We were to do a collabo, and one thing led to the other. That is how it was,” he recounted.

When asked if he saw Huddah as a potential lifelong partner, Mustafa admitted that the short duration of their relationship didn’t allow him to fully understand Huddah.

“Huddah and I only dated for two weeks, and it ended with a lot happening. I didn’t know her well, since it takes time to get to know a person,” Mustafa explained.

In a previous interview, Mustafa hinted that, during their brief time together, he made efforts to meet Huddah’s emotional needs.

“I did what was expected from me in the relationship. However, it reached that point I realized I gave quite a lot, and my love was not equally being reciprocated – simply put, all was not going well. So we decided to go our separate ways,” he disclosed.

Addressing speculations about sponsoring Huddah’s lavish lifestyle at the time, Mustapha clarified:

“That is the reason my affair with her lasted a week,” adding, “I have never been in a relationship as short as that one!”

Despite the brevity of their romance, Mustapha emphasized that he has no issues with Huddah at present.

“I don’t have any issue with Huddah. There could have been something in the past, but not now,” he concluded.

The singer added that he doesn’t regret that the affair ended that early, because everything happens for a reason.

Both singer Mustapha and socialite Huddah Monroe have since moved on.

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