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DJ Pierra Makena: Why I protect the identity of my deadbeat baby daddy

Renowned female Disc Jockey and actress, DJ Pierra Makena, has dismissed rumours that her baby daddy was a married man when she became pregnant.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, Makena shared her journey through single parenthood.

She spoke about the challenges she faced when her baby daddy, whom she was in a relationship with, abandoned her during her pregnancy and later got married.

“I learnt how to be very content after I realized I was pregnant and this man was not going to be present. To be very clear, we had a good relationship, but after we broke up and I was pregnant, he left. He did not want anything to do with us, and he was also very polite about it. Five months later, he got married to someone else,” Makena explained.

Despite the heartbreak, Makena expressed her happiness for her ex-partner, acknowledging that he had found his happiness.

“We had dated for a while, and we broke up, and two weeks later, I discovered that I was pregnant. He was never married when we were dating,” she clarified.

Addressing a photo circulating online of her alleged baby daddy with their daughter, Makena revealed that they had met a few years ago, and he expressed a desire to be part of their child’s life.

However, she realized his intentions were not genuine, leading her to distance herself from the situation until he was ready to commit genuinely.

“I stopped him and decided to let him decide when he is ready to be present in the right way. She asks about her father after that meeting, I tell her he is away for work, and I always tell her he loves her. I assure her that the dad loves her. Let’s hope she never gets to think negatively about him,” Makena explained.

When pressed about her baby daddy’s identity, Makena remained tight-lipped, stating:

“I don’t know who you are talking about. My baby meets a lot of people, and they love her, and they take a lot of pictures with her. I have been linked to so many men who people think are my baby daddy, but the reason I chose not to talk about him is because he is married and has a family and his kids. Again, he has never been in our lives.”

Makena also shared her perspective on having a second child, expressing her current feelings of guilt and the challenges of handling single parenthood.

She highlighted that her focus is on providing the best for her current child and not rushing into expanding her family.

“I will never, and may God help me. I can never take a man to court for child support. I wish I can take him to court for him to love the child. Let them take care of their emotions. I find it very wrong. If me and my child can afford one packet of milk, why should I take him to court so he can bring two and I feel he did it?”

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