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Comedian Terence: My legs were almost amputated due to poverty

Comedian Lawrence Macharia, popularly known as Terence Creative, has shared the remarkable journey from his challenging childhood to his current success in the world of comedy.

In a candid interview with Kameme FM, Terence recounted the hardships he faced, including almost losing his legs due to a severe illness caused by a lack of vitamins.

Orphaned at the tender age of nine, Terence found himself being raised in the confines of Mathare Slums by his grandmother, alongside his brothers and uncles.

Their humble home was a single room, a testament to their financial struggles.

“I became an orphan at the age of nine years. My father was a Boran. I do not know his name. I was born in Mombasa but raised in Mlango Kubwa. I am the last born of three siblings,” Terence narrated during the interview.

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His grandmother, who worked hard to provide groceries, and his mother, who sold clothes, were the pillars supporting the family.

However, their economic situation was dire, and Terence revealed the challenges he faced, including being bow-legged and on the brink of amputation.

“We were very poor to even afford the basic meals. I got bow-legged as at some point, we could not afford to buy fruits for me. At one point, I was taken to Kenyatta Hospital, and doctors recommended that I get amputated because I could not even support myself. My legs were weak,” he shared.

Terence’s resilience shone through as he spoke about the turning point when a friend started bringing fruits to aid his recovery.

Overcoming adversity, he moved from living in the streets and feeding on leftovers from hotels to pursuing a comedy career.

Reflecting on his experiences, Terence offered advice to those encountering street children:

“If you can’t help, don’t say anything bad about street kids. There is so much danger, especially for girls in the street.”

He shared the personal struggles his family faced, including his grandmother selling illicit brew.

Despite his challenging upbringing, Terence rose above his circumstances, turning to comedy and achieving success in the entertainment industry.

Terence rose to fame with his viral character “Papa Fred,” a Congolese man entangled in money laundering, particularly in the popular “Wash Wash” series, which gained immense popularity among Kenyan audiences in 2021.

Terence has produced three episodes so far and is set to unveil the fourth, featuring unexpected alliances, betrayals, and numerous plot twists in a captivating narrative of fun, crime, and redemption.

This upcoming show will happen on December 11 at The Edge Convention Center.