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Kenyans’ hilarious reactions to mandatory male circumcision Bill

By Winnie Mabel December 11th, 2023 2 min read

Last week, Mukurweini Member of Parliament John Kaguchia tabled a Bill in Parliament seeking to make male circumcision in Kenya free and mandatory for all males up to the age of 18.

In his submission, he claimed this move would lead to a significant reduction in the incidence of HIV, HPV, and other sexually transmitted diseases, lowering the cost of healthcare-associated with treatment and long-term management.

“Moreover, a decline in STD prevalence contributes to a healthier workforce, improved productivity and enhanced societal well being,” added Mr Kaguchia.

This free, mandatory circumcision will be under the supervision of trained medical officers, done in a bid to also phase out the traditional cutters who’ve been part of the growing number of young males dying from a botched circumcision.

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The Center for Disease Control published in 2014 that male circumcision can reduce a man’s risk of contracting HIV after sexual contact with an HIV-positive woman by between 50% and 60%. The report also found that circumcised males are less likely to contract syphilis, genital ulcers, herpes, and HPV compared to uncircumcised males.

However well intended this Bill is, a section of Kenyans reacted hilariously to Mr Kaguchia’s proposals, with some wondering if the Kenyan Parliament had seen to it that all of Kenyans’ other problems were solved for the House to now focus on circumcision.

Nairobi News sampled some of the printable and PG rated responses below:

“Some things are so petty for the Parliament, wachieni wazee wa kijiji hio kazi (let the elders in the village handle that work),” said Taylor Pablo.

“So you will be walking around looking for the uncut?” opined Vincent Jobando.

“How does it improve the economy,” said Gabriel Otieno.

“Damn! At the rate things are going, it will soon be mandatory to have s*x,” said Julio Baramu.

Many also found that this Bill was highly unlikely to pass as enforcement would be difficult to do, and greatly infringes on a person’s rights to freedom of choice and autonomy.