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Common male Kenyan names

According to a name study done by Ipsos Synovate, these are the common first names among Kenyan men aged between 21 and 15;
1. John – The name had most respondents among the sample population and they preferred using nicknames such as Johnie.
2. Samuel – The name was second among respondents and their preferred nickname was Sam.
3. Peter – It was ranked the third common name in the country among men and Pato was among the preferred nicknames.
4. Denis – Coming in fourth among male names in Kenya the respondents said they prefer the nickname Denno.
5. Erick – The name made it among the top five common male names and Erico was the preferred nickname.
6. Joseph – Jose as the respondent said their nick name was is the sixth most popular male name in Kenya.
7. Stephen – The name came in seventh with the preferred nick name among respondents being Stevo.
8. David – Davy was the preferred nick name for the respondent with the name as their first name.
9. James – The name was ranked ninth with the preferred nick name being Jammo.
10. Michael – Mike closed the list of the top ten names among Kenyan men.