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Conje’s family and model in row over boxer’s cash

The family of former boxing champion Conjestina Achieng is caught up in a blame game with a Nairobi-based beauty model over cash meant for the boxer’s hospital bills.

While the family claims that Ms Eveleen Mingoye fleeced them of an unknown amount of money donated for Conjestina’s treatment, the model says a bank account for the medical appeal was closed due to what she called the “family’s greed”.

“The family uses the boxer as a cash cow and her brothers use her donations as school fees for their children,” she told the Nairobi News.

But one member of the boxer’s family denied accusations that they were using his sister’s illness for money. Instead, he accused the model of plotting to make make money from Conjestina.

Conjestina, 38, was diagnosed with a medical condition that has rendered her unable to work for a living for nearly a decade.

She is currently receiving treatment at Kisumu’s Hope Foundation rehabilitation centre.


“Miss Eastlands visited our Siaya home in November claiming she could help us secure treatment for my sister in India. We followed her to Nairobi where we opened a medical appeal account at CFC bank in Burururu and an M-Pesa account,” said Mr William Ochieng, a brother of the boxer.

“She later locked us out as signatories without a proper explanation. We don’t know how much she has made so far,” he added.

The family is also accusing Ms Mingoye of colluding with a bank official to change details in order to lock them out.

But speaking to Nairobi News on phone, Ms Mingoye, 22, said she has bank details showing that they closed down the account, which only had Sh23, 000 from the time it opened in July 2015.

“I wanted to help the boxer who is wasting away due to illness, but the family seemed to be more interested in receiving money than having their daughter treated,” said Ms Mingoye.

The model further claimed that the family had rejected an offer to have Conjestina treated for free by a doctor she had recommended.

“Kenyans are very philanthropic, why can’t such a star be helped? The family should answer that question,” she said.