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Content creator Kabi Wa Jesus hints at radio gig

Content creator Peter Kabi alias Kabi Wa Jesus has hinted at soon landing a radio gig.

Sharing the news via his YouTube channel, the content creator explained he currently is in talks with a potential employer and expressed faith a deal could be on the cards.

“I was approached by a radio station and we have been in talks for a possible morning show, so if we come into an agreement I will be going to radio,” he shared.

He stopped short of revealing the station interested in his services.

The probable opportunity comes a few months after Kabi and his wife Milly were blessed with their second child whom they are yet to reveal to the public.

The couple decided to keep the identity of their youngest child private as they believed that a lot about their family is already in the public eye.

The couple has separately shared their intent to move into their newly built house located closer to where their child is schooling.

“We want to move close to the school where we want to take Taji. Where we live the kids are not active outside so I want a place that has a community set up,” the couple stated on their channel.

“Construction is not easy, this is a process that takes time and we have been forced to take breaks for different reasons, one reason was the birth of our daughter.”

Kabi and Milly are among the few Kenyan celebrity couples that have for the longest time served couple goals on the Kenyan entertainment scene.

Narrating their first encounter during an interview with True Love Magazine, Milly stated she met Kabi through her then-boyfriend, who was also Kabi’s close friend.

The two parted ways but later reunited on FaceBook after Kabi gave his life to Christ. According to Kabi, the first time he lay his eyes on Milly, he knew his future wife would be like her as she was down to earth.