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Crazy Kennar’s depression post worries fans

Award-winning online comedian Crazy Kennar has sparked concerns among his fans after sharing a cryptic message about depression on social media.

Known for his hilarious content and advocacy against depression, Crazy Kennar’s latest post has left fans worried about his well-being.

“Depression is real,” the comedian’s message on Twitter reads.

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The post comes at a time when there have been claims of significant changes in the comedian’s life amid rumours of a rift between him and his former castmates, Bushra, Yvonne Khisa and Shiro.

The comedian’s fans interpreted the message as a possible indication that Crazy Kennar might be going through a difficult period in his life.

Speculation surrounding his mental health has since been circulating among his followers.

Last year, another member of Crazy Kennar’s comedy group, Stephen Otieno, also known as Useful Idioty, announced his departure from ‘Tales of the Crazy Kennar.’ Otieno said he had decided to focus on his education and solo projects.

Recent speculations suggest a possible conflict between Crazy Kennar and his mates Stanley Omondi and Useful Idioty, but in previous interviews, both clarified that they left ‘Tales of the Crazy Kennar’ to pursue individual projects.

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After Kennar’s post, Yvonne Khisa also posted a cryptic message hinting at trouble in paradise.

“Toxic people acting as a victim is the funniest thing ever,” she wrote.

Another cast member, Wanjiru Africas, shared similar sentiments, urging individuals to fight for their space unapologetically.

“Men can leave you in the desert with no water. No, actually men will leave you in the desert with no water. Anyway, another day to remind you to fight for your space unapologetically.”

Nairobi News reached out to Crazy Kennar, but our calls went unanswered.

On social media, his fans have been sending messages of encouragement to the comedian while urging not to give up.

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