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Exclusive: Brian Babu on staying relevant in the entertainment industry

On July 2, 2023, the Blankets and Wine social event drew a vibrant crowd eager to immerse themselves in a delightful blend of music, culinary delights, and a captivating atmosphere.

The event showcased the best of Kenyan talent, creating an experience that was authentically made-in-Kenya.

The festivities offered an array of attractions, including tantalizing food options, arts and crafts vendors, and a fashion showcase.

Attendees were treated to an immersive blend of entertainment that exemplified the rich artistic tapestry of the country.

Brian Babu, an acclaimed and award-winning stylist with years of experience working with Kenya’s top celebrities, spoke to Nairobi News about the key to staying relevant in the industry.

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In the interview, he emphasized the importance of building trust and rapport with artists over time.

“Over a period of time, you build trust by understanding the artiste and also build a good rapport with them,” shared Brian.

“It is confidence that is built overtime. It is hard but it all depends on the amount of time you spend on doing something and how much research you put.”

Brian further highlighted the significance of collaborations with designers, emphasizing the role of research in creating styles that are both timeless and evolving.

While he initially aspired to be a designer, fate led him to become a sought-after stylist.

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Expressing his ambitions, Brian revealed his desire to dress none other than global icon Beyoncé.

In addition to the captivating performances and vibrant atmosphere, Blankets and Wine also featured an exciting partnership with Spotify.

The music streaming platform launched its Made In Kenya platform, showcasing four curated playlists of the hottest local music.

The playlists, NairoBae, 254 Flow, City Express, and Kenya Gold, each feature an artist from the esteemed Blankets and Wine lineup, providing a platform to amplify the diverse talents of Kenyan musicians.

Blankets and Wine event brought together a group of Kenyan musicians among them, Singer Nameless, Habib and Mr Lenny, Bensol and Khaligraph Jones.

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