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Cuban doctor in Wajir robbed after burglars break into his house

One of the Cuban doctors based at the Wajir Referral Hospital has been robbed of his clothes by unknown people.

The doctor reported the theft that his clothes were stolen from his house on Monday.

According a police report, the doctor claimed that when he woke up ready to go to work, he was shocked to discover that his four long-sleeved shirts, four short-sleeved shirts and two vests were missing.

He reported the matter at the Wajir Police Station.The doctor claimed that someone might have gained access to his house and stole his clothes.


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It was not immediately clear how the thief gained access into the house as there are armed security guards attached to the doctors.

But the Nation has established that the theft might have happened during the day as the guards usually arrive in the evening.

Detectives in Wajir have since started investigations on the matter.

The incident comes four weeks after the Cuban doctors were deployed in all the 47 counties in the country. Each county received two doctors.

The doctors are experiencing some challenges including language barrier between them and their patients as many cannot speak English.