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Curious case of Citizen TV’s feature on Mau Forest which went off air abruptly

By Amina Wako September 16th, 2019 1 min read

A news feature on Citizen TV about the disputed Mau Forest went off air mid-way on Sunday night without any explanations.

The TV station, during its Sunday Live 9pm news bulletin, abandoned the feature dubbed ‘Inside Mau Forest’ by seasoned reporter Enock Sikolia.

The feature started well with the reporter trying to bring to their viewers’ attention the genesis of the Mau issue.

But then at the 40th second mark of narration, the screen suddenly went blank and stayed blank for more than 30 second with advertisement playing in the background.

When the news bulletin resumed, nothing was mentioned on what happened, leaving more questions unanswered.

It is not clear if it was a technical mishap or the feature was actually stopped midstream.

However, on the TV station’s YouTube channel a different version of the news feature has since been uploaded.