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Davido on the tough balance between music and education

Nigerian superstar, Davido, also known as the “King of Afro Beats,” recently opened up about his remarkable journey in the music industry, where he had to balance his education with his passion for music.

Davido also talked about the influence of his father’s academic expectations.

In a candid interview on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show,’ Davido shared his family’s strong background in education.

He revealed that he was the first entertainer in his entire family tree, making it clear that his father’s desire for him to complete his education was unwavering.

Davido’s father, who happens to own a university, was especially determined to see his son graduate before fully pursuing a music career.

He acknowledged that his father didn’t object to his music ambitions but was insistent on him first completing his education.

“My dad was adamant about me finishing school because I hadn’t made it yet. He didn’t mind me doing music but he bent on me you know finishing school. He owns a university and my mom was a college professor. They were scared because they wanted their kids to be successful. In the music business, it’s not that easy to be successful.”

In the singer’s own words, “We kinda made a deal where I go to school like two weeks out of the month and the other two weeks I can be in the studio and then do what I want.”

Davido also shed light on his father’s financial support for his music endeavors, as his dad recognized his talent and success in the industry.

However, his rise to stardom was so rapid that it began to affect his education.

“After a while, I started doing part-time class-type stuff. I was getting too big, and then he got mad when he saw me on the billboard, and the show got canceled before I even got there. He had that power, and people started getting scared to book me.”

Davido eventually completed his education, and today, his father is one of his most ardent supporters.

“The next song I made was number one on the charts and the president even had my song as his ringtone and after that. Eventually, I did finish school and my dad is my biggest fan.”

During the interview, Davido also shared insights about his latest album, “Timeless.”

He revealed that he requested four more months in the studio from his record label.

This extra time allowed him to reconnect with his original African producers and his roots, creating a powerful and resonant album that showcases his talent and passion for music.

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