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Dead capital: Mulamwah defends spending millions in village mansion

Popular online comedian Mulamwah has offered a thoughtful response to his colleague Oga Obinna’s remarks regarding his multi-million-shilling house project in the village.

While Obinna expressed doubts about the practicality of such an investment, Mulamwah defended his choice and explained his motives.

Mulamwah recently disclosed that he has invested Sh10 million in constructing a two-story home in his Kitale village.

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This revelation drew skepticism from comedian Obinna, who labeled it a waste of money.

Obinna himself confessed to having spent substantial sums building lavish homes in his village, a decision he now questions, given that comedians like them primarily reside in the city.

However, Mulamwah firmly believes that his project is far from a misallocation of resources.

He explained, “I’m in the final stages of completing the house; it needs roughly Sh2 million more, and I will be done. Actually, this project isn’t for me but communal.

You know I come from a very large family, and following in my father’s footsteps, my house is about giving back to the community.

I used to observe my father always hosting our less privileged relatives at our home until they were able to sort their lives. That’s exactly what I intend to do with this project.”

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For Mulamwah, this house is also a contingency plan. He emphasized that the unpredictability of their artistic careers requires them to plan for the future.

He humorously noted, “Our jobs are artistic; we are never granted success tomorrow, so you never know what might happen. But even then, if Obinna thinks mine is a bad investment, let’s not forget that he already owns a home in the village.”

Mulamwah expressed that he no longer pays attention to people’s opinions or criticism, focusing instead on improving his life and career.

“I no longer care who likes me or not; you know you can’t please everybody. Over time, I have grown a thick skin. All I care about now is the number of deals I sign and my deliverables to clients; the rest is noise to me.”

The comedian came close to quitting comedy in 2020 over social media cyberbullying when he burnt his signature shirt and announced that he has decided to take a back seat in comedy following constant trolls on social media.

“I was depressed then. Now I have grown, I really don’t care anymore what people have to say.”

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