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Dear men, being clean and organized home keepers is the new attraction

We agreed that moving forward, the stereotype that housework is strictly a preserve for women are sentiments held by uneducated and unenlightened folks with closed minds. More so if you are saddling this stereotype on a woman who also works to earn a living just as her male partner does.

Case in point is expecting a woman who comes home from work to change her clothes and embark on housework such as cooking and cleaning while her working man is expected to arrive, change clothes and park himself in front of the TV to unwind from a long day of ‘providing for the family.’

Why can’t such men also get down to helping out with the housework? Why can’t they clean and organize the home too? Are they hiding behind the stereotype that men are rarely clean?

Well, in my opinion, today’s man who can clean and maintain an organized home is more attractive than the average man who wakes up, goes to work and comes back to eat and sleep.

Gender stereotyping of roles associated with cleanliness and domestic duties, cultural conditioning that dissuades men from taking up active roles in keeping the home clean, unequal division of labor to the disadvantage of women and societal perceptions that men placing more focus on their profession and personal interests over home keeping have no place in this age and era.

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We need to evolve our way of thinking because it is becoming increasingly recognized that cleanliness and household chores should not be gender-specific tasks, but rather shared responsibilities among all members of a household.

A man who knows how to cook good, tasty food, knows how to scrub the pots and pans within an inch of their metallic lives, knows how to clean the kitchen counters, can mop the house and remembered to add disinfectant to the water first, can handle laundry duties without being asked, can go grocery shopping without making one million confirmation calls to his woman and maintain great personal hygiene is absolutely powerfully alluring.

He is very attractive to look at and enjoy being with. This kind of man becomes an object of desire to a woman who found herself handling all these tasks by herself. This kind of man will be rewarded anything between the earth and the moon if he so desires it because he is open minded and choses to go against society stereotypes of who a man should be.

In simple terms, this type of man who helps around the home is more sexy that the man who toils away at work over 12 hours a day to come home and snore his way into the morning before he returns to the rat race.

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Think I’m being wishful? Check out some of these sentiments that are reactions to a man who recorded a video of himself cleaning and organizing his home:

“There is nothing attractive like a clean man,” said Irungu Mary.

“Aai, awesome. A man cleaning and beginning in the kitchen. So sweet… smart,” Mariam Kazungu exclaimed.

“I envy him. I appreciate clean men. It shows you are responsible and mature; even God said cleanliness is second to Godliness. Keep it up,” commented Monicah Kiama.

“Cleanliness is not a gender thing. I am always happy to see a clean man. His mama did rise him well, keep up,” said Mamu Aurorah.

“The kind of husbands all women want…” opined Ava Onyango.

Others proceeded to ask this man if he was looking for a wife while others joked that he could try them on contract basis because his cleanliness was top notch.

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