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Male perspective: What do side chics do that main chics don’t?   

Through the eyes of millennials, we observe the force that side chicks wield over men, which main chicks may never be able to compete with. Or will they? What is it about a side chick that makes her so darn appealing to the man who already has a girlfriend, fiancée, or worse, a wife and kids of his own?

The side chick is not unknown in modern relationships, or in relationships of previous eras for that matter. She is the mistress, the other woman, the one who never comes home, the hidden one that no one knows, the force behind the scenes that the man cannot resist. The side chick is the babe over whom the man is willing to risk it all.

The question that women find themselves asking, either rhetorically in the darkness and still silence of their empty beds or to the man’s face when he quietly tiptoes through the front door late in the night is; ‘what is special about her?!’

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Some phrase theirs as ‘what does she have that I don’t?’ and ‘what does she give you that I don’t?’ but the essence of those questions remains the same all the time. Women want to know what it is about the side chic that makes her a better woman than they are.

In a frank, no-holds-barred response to a question posted on Instagram, a user going by @odlanky says the ability of the side chic to offer wild sex and be less problematic is the edge she has over the main chick.

“Less drama…unexplainable sex positions…” he comments.

@iamn_oloh and agree that these two are the strongest pull with which the side chic draws the man in. “No drama… Just benefits!” says the former. “Less wahala, steady knacks,” says the latter.

While the question was posted majorly due to a desire to understand how the male mind works when it comes to the issue of side chics, women didn’t mind dropping their two cents, too.

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@hormo_tee says a man is drawn to a side chick due to the “peace of mind” she gives him, As far as @inemudodiong is concerned, some men can hardly say no to the chance to put in “less commitment” than normal, escape from the stress and pressure their woman mounts on them, while likely enjoying “more sex.” These are offers too juicy to resist for men, according to the Instagram user.

The concept of relationships has become increasingly complex in this day and age, as we now live in a world where monogamy is no longer the only model, and the boundaries of commitment are constantly being redefined.

However, one of the most painful and destructive forms of betrayal in a relationship is emotional infidelity, commonly manifested through the presence of a “side chic” or a mistress. This kind of betrayal can wreak havoc on the main relationship, leaving scars that can be difficult to heal. But it looks like many wives are starting to unwillingly accept that their men are not willing to let their side chics go. 

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