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Deaths from road accidents that were recorded before and during Christmas

By Collins Omulo December 26th, 2019 2 min read

Kenyans continue to lose their lives to road accidents with many left nursing injuries despite the police and National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) talking tough.

In only two days, between December 17 and 18, a total of 13 road users lost their lives in different roads across the country.


Out of that number, five were pedestrians, three passengers, two motor cyclists and drivers each and one a boda boda passenger.

On the eve of Christmas, two families in Busia lost five members of their family in a grisly road accident along Mumias-Butere road. They were part of a group of 10 occupants of a Toyota Wish traveling home for Christmas holiday.

Another person died and two others left nursing injuries after a collision between a trailer and a boda boda at Kapkwen trading centre in Bomet County.

The six are just part of the statistics of Kenyans who continue to die on the roads despite the police and NTSA, a week ago, stating that they would deal firmly with those found flouting traffic regulations.

Last week, NTSA Director General, George Njao, said the agency will work closely with the police to help reduce road fatalities by intensifying road safety public education campaigns and putting in place evidence-based enforcement interventions.

He said they will conduct random stops along major highways during the day and night to verify validity of Driving Licenses (DLs), speed checks, use of seatbelts, overloading, freewheeling among other issues with any driver found flouting traffic rules shall have the DL suspended and be required to undergo a mandatory driver retest.


Mr Njao pointed out that an analysis of road safety data shows that 98 percent of crashes are attributed to human behaviour, such as loss of control due to speeding, lane indiscipline, overloading and dangerous overtaking.

“Of great focus will be to ensure all drivers and passengers comply with the requirements of the regulations and abide by traffic laws,” said Mr Njao.

According to NTSA’s latest statistics as at December 19, a total of 3,409 road users have lost their lives since January 1, 2019. This is an increase of 13 from the 3, 396 fatalities recorded by the agency as at December 17, 2019.

In December alone, 195 fatalities have been recorded. However, this is a huge reduction from the 342 deaths recorded at the same time last year.

Pedestrians continue to lead in fatalities with 1, 323 already losing their lives. They are followed by motor cyclists who have lost 691 people.

Passengers’ death toll stands at 677 while drivers come in fourth at 325 followed closely by boda boda (pillion) passengers at 320.

Last week, Mr Njao pointed out that almost three-quarter (73.4 percent) of total fatalities recorded in Kenyan roads have been contributed by the vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, motor cyclists and passengers.