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Dedan Kimathi University students to get Sh180 from President Ruto

Dedan Kimathi University (DeKUT), students have voted to be given money donated to the university by President William Ruto.

According to an internal memo seen by Nairobi News, each student will get Sh180 a share of the Sh1 million given to them by the president last month.

This means 5556 students will get a taste of the president’s gift.

The university administration conducted a public participation exercise last week where the students were given three choices of what to do with the money.

They were either to share the money equally, organise a luncheon or allocate to students’ bursaries.

51 per cent of the comrades voted for the amount to be distributed equally among them, while 36 per cent wanted the administration to organise a luncheon and 35 per cent wanted the money to go to a bursary.

‘Following the outcome of the public participation, it has been decided that every registered undergraduate student during the January – April 2024 semester including students who are on internal attachment during the semester will be given Sh180,” part of the memo read.

The administration asked all the class representatives to inform their classmates to collect the money from the DSW office on April 9 2024, effective from 10 am, and to carry their student IDs and National ID cards.

“Kindly note that any uncollected money by Friday, April 19 2023 will be channelled to the students’ bursary,” the memo added.