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Dennis Okari blasts Prezzo for ‘misbehaving’ on his wife’s show

January 9th, 2016 1 min read


NTV’s Dennis Okari has blasted controversial rapper Prezzo for inappropriate behaviour on a live TV show hosted by his wife Betty Kyalo Okari.

Betty’s show, Friday Briefing, which airs on KTN every Friday evening at 9pm, usually invites a guest anchor to help her read the evening news, and on this particular occasion, the guest happened to be Prezzo.

Things got off to an awkward start when the rapper got up and gave Betty an unexpected hug. It got worse. The entertainer, who seemed inebriated, could hardly answer questions straight and kept on slurring his answers.

At some point, the anchor was forced to ask for help from her director. “Please help me out here director,” she quipped.


Prezzo’s actions seemed to annoy Dennis Okari, who is an investigative journalist with NTV, understandably so after his wife’s name became a trending topic on Twitter.

He tweeted: “Ati Prezzo has done what? I’m not anywhere near a TV. Someone update me on what’s going on at #FridayBriefing”

He later tweeted a message directed to his wife: “I’m really sorry babe @BettyOkari if what I’m reading on the interwebs is true. That kid didn’t deserve that stage #FridayBriefing”

His last tweet was a direct criticism of Prezzo. He wrote: “It always puzzles me why some artists come LIVE on TV drunk. A free prime time opportunity thousands would die for. Despicable.”