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Diamond alleges he dated Alikiba’s Kenyan wife Amina, she reacts

The rivalry between Tanzanian music icons Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba has taken a fresh and bitter turn as the two artists reignite their long-standing beef.

Both musicians have exchanged barbs in a series of social media posts, leaving fans and followers in a frenzy.

It all began in July when Diamond Platnumz declared that he was about to unleash a string of hit songs and warned other artists to steer clear as he believed none could match his prowess.

This declaration did not sit well with Alikiba, who responded with a cryptic message urging his fans to wait and watch.

The latest jab from Alikiba came in the form of a tweet, where he appeared to take a shot at Diamond Platnumz’s vocal abilities and compared him to a “fake Quavo who needs voice training.”

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The tweet read, “Sema Kwevo mdhaifu sana, tu-party tuwili tutatu na marafiki, interviews kadhaa na XXL, roho inakufukuta, kutwa insta story halafu inabidi uzoee kuhusu ngoma mfululu (Kali) otherwise, Roho yako chafu itakutia stress siku uje ku-OD.”

(Hey, Kwevo, you are very weak, just two or three parties with friends, a few interviews and XXL, your heart is full of envy, posting on Instagram all day, yet you have to struggle with mediocre songs. Otherwise, your dirty soul will stress you, until you Overdose (OD).)

Alikiba also advised Diamond to invest more in vocal training and creating a good production team.

In response, Diamond hit back with a lengthy message.

First he called out Kiba for cheap music videos and implying that his productions were not on par with his own.

Diamond wrote, “Video yangu moja ni sawa na audio zako 20. Audio yangu moja ni kama audio zako 20. Tatizo unaokaa nao hawakwambii ukweli, wanakudanganya.”

(My one video is equivalent to your 20 videos. My one audio is like your 20 audios. The problem with those you associate with is that they don’t tell you the truth, they deceive you.)

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He also claimed to have surpassed Alikiba in various aspects, such as subscribers, listeners, awards, and social media following.

However, things took a dark and personal turn when Diamond hinted at having a past relationship with Alikiba’s wife, Amina.

This particular statement received backlash from fans, who condemned Diamond for involving family matters in their feud.

Alikiba’s wife, Amina expressed her displeasure with the situation through an Instagram post, urging Diamond to respect family boundaries.

She wrote, “It is absurd, malicious, and ultimately weird involving innocent humans in conflicts/grudges condemn the high level of disrespect on women. Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts? Human decency is inviolable!!!”

The feud between Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba has divided fans, with many calling for a more peaceful resolution to their differences.

Both artists have a massive fan base and have played significant roles in shaping the Tanzanian music industry, making it even more crucial for them to find a way to coexist harmoniously.

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