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Diamond Platnumz exposed for allegedly bragging with fake Sh18m watch

The Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 is a luxurious men’s watch, and for this series, only 170 were made, making them an exclusive item to own.

They were, however, phased out by December 2022, when their production was stopped, increasing its value to $151,000 dollars, making it Sh 18 million at today’s currency exchange in Kenya.

And so, Diamond Platinumz, arguably Tanzania’s biggest superstar singer, had no qualms posing for a photoshoot while spotting one.

Diamond Platnumz spotting a fake Phillipe Patek time piece
Diamond Platnumz spotting a fake Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 time piece. PHOTO: COURTESY

In his photos, he made sure to pose in a manner that called attention to his watch, and keen chronograph fanatics quickly noticed it.

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One keen follower took a screenshot of a picture of Diamond and his watch and sent it to Fake Watch Buster, an Instagram user who confirms whether timepieces are genuine or fake.

He was of the opinion that Diamond was spotting a fake Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711.

“Wrong shape of the case, wrong bezel shape and size, wrong shape of the dial, rehaut (inner frame) is too deep, wrong shape and size of the date window, wrong shape and size of the crown and wrong shape of the bracelet links etc,” Fake Watch Buster said.

In several Instagram comment sections where this verdict was posted, many wondered how Diamond could lead such a lavish lifestyle where he always showed off mansions, fleets of vehicles and luxurious vacations but could not afford to buy genuine timepieces.

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“But Bongo artists! Artists are faking their lives out there including this one (Diamond) who knew he did not have the money and went and got a fake one,” laughed mafingaprint.

“He doesn’t have money,” added Patrick Lyimo.

“Is it a must for him to wear one? Why can’t he just wear normal watches and leave the original things to Nigerians,” said Magreth Herin.

“Being an artist requires one to be an artist. Why should they play with real money?” laughed Official Ronaina.

Others came out to defend Diamond, saying that as long as he could tell the time, it did not matter if the watch was genuine or fake.

“So what if he wears a fake one? Isn’t it showing the true time too? Or aren’t the clock hands moving too?” asked Faraja New.

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