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TikToker warms hearts as she comforts Georgina Njenga over leaked video

Popular Kenyan TikToker Mummie Francie hopped on to the social media platform to comfort and encourage Instagram influencer Georgina Njenga after her videos were leaked.

In the video, Mummie Francie was hailed for “fixing her fellow queen’s crown in public” unlike many who had mocked, insulted and shredded Georgina for sending someone such videos without cropping out her face in the event they leaked as they did.

“Hi Georgina wa Baha (her boyfriend), how are you mama? I just want to know how you are faring, how is your baby doing, how is Baha doing? I’m just here to pray for you, you are a strong girl, and that’s why you can endure all this.

But with Baha by your side, he’s a man. He showed you that no matter what, he will be there for you. So the same way Baha is there for you, Georgina, other people are there for you.

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So it’s okay to feel whatever you are feeling right now because you are disappointed because someone did something no human being is supposed to do to another human being.

But this is a phase. Bad phases don’t take long. They pass, mama, so hold on. I know it is bad but just hold on and say tomorrow will be better, tell yourself ‘I am beautiful, I am powerful, I am strong’ Imagine, as young as you are, a guy out there with a functioning brain just thought of ruining your life. How strong can you be? How powerful can you be, mama? So whatever you are feeling, it’s ok to feel that way.

As for Baha, kudos, baba. Kudos. You are a man that any woman would love to have. The way you handled the situation, may God grant you all your wishes so that you continue being there for your family.

Georgina, God is with you, and some of us are with you. It is okay, it will be fine. Right now, you don’t see the fine out of it, but it’s going to be fine. Hold on, beautiful lady,” said Mummie Francie.

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Mummie Francie posted this video after Georgina’s leaked video trended last week after her ex-boyfriend leaked it on social media.

Nairobi News previously reported that Baha intended to take legal action and intimated that Georgina was doing okay.

“Queens supporting each other. Show her love,” said Liez Kerubo.

“This is how all of us women should go about this. Not letting each other down and sh*t. Thanks queen,” added Thee211.

“I really want to hug you Mummie. Some women were out there judging her as if there was something new. It’s so sad to see another woman talking rubbish about you,” said Chiree.

Many others showed love and support for Georgina in the same comment section, telling her she was loved and she should keep her head up.

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