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Diamond threatens to snub local awards over banned song

Tanzanian singers Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu have lamented on the banning of their duet song video titled Mtasubiri.

Airing their disappointments on their respective socials, Zuchu, born Zuhura Othman argued the decision was an act of discrimination.

“We are young people scouting for a livelihood without getting tired but our parents (read the authorities) have broken us down in the society without caring about our feelings,” she complained.

She also suggested the authorities have been discriminating against WCB artists. “You sent applications but artists from WCB did not get any top list positions despite our views, awards and doing well in the industry.”

WCB is a label group owned by Diamond.

In the same spirit, Diamond, in a response to Zuchu’s post asked which inappropriateness was depicted in the video.

“I am questioning myself whether there was anything wrong with that scene? Did you wear mini-dresses/skirts? No. Did you twerk or sang vulgar while in church? No. Did you smoke bhang or cigarette? No. Did you kiss or drink alcohol while in church? No.

The phone rang but did you pick while inside? No. Are we the first to shoot while in church? No. Are there people who have shot videos and movies that are disregarding the church…were their songs banned? No.”

Stating that the only important thing was that their (him and Zuchu) fans still love and support their music, Diamond added that there should be no question when he does not participate in local awards.

On Friday, the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) ordered mainstream and social media outlets in Tanzania against playing Mtasubiri official video saying they received a letter from the National Arts Council (BASATA) to stop public performance and distribution of it.

However, they gave an ultimatum to Diamond Platnumz alias Nasib Abdul and Zuhura Othuman Soud popularly known as Zuchu to make changes on the video if it should be played.

Mtasubiri was first released as lyrics video mid-March under the umbrella of Diamond’s latest LP titled First of All- FOA then its official video was released almost a month ago and has since garnered 10million views.