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Diamond’s brother DJ Romy Jones trolled for sex enhancement side hustle

It seems that sometimes having a famous brother is not such a great thing. At least this is the case for Tanzanian DJ Romy Jones.

Jones is related to singer Diamond Platnumz and given his cousin’s success and popularity, Jones appears not to be able to conduct his side hustles in peace.

If you happen to follow the deejay on social media then you probably have noticed that he has been promoting posts of male and sex enhancement medication.

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Apart from helping men who have erectile dysfunction the medication he advertises also claims to be able to increase the size of a man’s reproductive organ among other things.

This side hustle has captured the attention of his fans who feel that the business does not fit his status especially when his famous brother is claimed to be making millions from his music record label Wasafi.

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He responded by defending himself saying that he was trying to make money of his own and did not want to be the kind of family member who over depends on the success of one relative.

DJ Romy Jones and Diamond Platnumz grew up together after the deejay’s mom passed on resulting to Bi Sandrah (Diamond’s Mom) taking Romy in.

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He is one of the few people who has supported Diamond from the beginning of his career. Once during a media interview he reminisced how they would launch music videos on YouTube but now they are doing it on Wasafi TV which is owned by the singer.

DJ Romy Jones also known as RJ the DJ is the vice president of Wasafi and the music director of the record label. He also doubles up as the official Dj for Diamond Platnumz.