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Did Uhuru book author ‘con’ thousands of jobless youths?

The author of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s unauthorised biography, Mr Irungu Thatiah, has allegedly defrauded hundreds of youths of their money with a promise of employment.

Mr Thatiah had widely advertised for the position of ‘promotion personnel’ only to close down his offices at Hamilton House on Nairobi’s Wabera Street when the youth turned up for work.

He demanded that the youths buy his book, ‘Hard Tackle’ at Sh300 to get a chance to at the job.

The cover of Irungu Thatiah's authorised biography of President Uhuru Kenyatta, titled 'Hard Tackle' PHOTO | NAIROBI NEWS
The cover of Irungu Thatiah’s unauthorised biography of President Uhuru Kenyatta, titled ‘Hard Tackle’ PHOTO | NAIROBI NEWS

When the angry youth demanded to access the offices, he allegedly sent the building’s care-taker a text message to inform them they had all failed the interview.

“Last month he gave us a notice that he would be vacating the building and left two weeks ago,” the caretaker who did not want to be named said.

Mr Thatia wrote to the applicants to report at the offices on Monday after sending out the notice to terminate his tenancy on April 1.

In emails circulated to the youth mostly in their early 20s, Mr Thatia enticed his victims with a promise of one month employment at Sh1500 a day.

He stated that he needed only 250 of them out 400 possible applicants.

The number could be higher as he claimed to have received 5,000 applications, which were narrowed down to the 400 shortlist.


Mr Thatia extensively used the president’s name in the email fronting that the book has “political sponsorship”.

He also told the applicants that his book cost Sh1800 in bookshops but he was prepared to give them a discount.

A copy of ‘Hard Tackle’ goes for a pocket-friendly sum of just Sh300 at any newspaper vendor.

The victims of the scam took the bait and were even provided with elaborate contracts for Rizan Media although they were unsigned and did not have letter heads.

“He gave us his contact and has now switched of his phone yet some of us have come from as far as Busia,” Nancy Malavu, one of the applicants said.

Occupants of offices adjacent to Mr Thatia claim thousands have been going into his office since January.

Nairobi Central Police Commander Paul Wanjama said investigations were underway.

Mr Thatia could not be reached for comment.

His Facebook account has also been deactivated while the affected youths have opened a page against him: “Kenyan youth spring against irungu thatiah” to discuss their predicament.