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DJ Krowbar’s wife Wanjiru Karumba speaks out on battle with kidney illness

Wanjiru Karumba, the wife of renowned gospel DJ Fredrick Karumba, popularly known as DJ Krowbar, has bravely shared her journey with kidney illness, shedding light on the challenges she faces and the lessons learned along the way.

In a candid conversation with Size 8 on their reality show, ‘Love in Wild,’ aired on TV 47, Wanjiru disclosed that she is currently reliant on a catheter to assist with dialysis, a procedure vital to her ongoing treatment.

“I have a catheter that I use for dialysis until I undergo surgery. It’s a bit risky for me, and there are activities I avoid,” she explained.

Addressing the progress of her treatment, Wanjiru emphasized the importance of acceptance and faith, stating:

“I am good. This journey is all about accepting it. God will cause it to work for our good.”

Initially diagnosed with acute kidney failure, Wanjiru shared insights into her medical journey, revealing that the condition has since progressed to chronic kidney failure.

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Despite the challenges, she remains resolute in her resolve not to dwell on self-pity but to focus on resilience and hope.

“In the process of doing the tests for transplant, the doctor said there was no root cause… It was an acute but now it’s chronic kidney failure,” she said.

Concerning the impact on her family, particularly her children, Wanjiru acknowledged the emotional toll and fears they faced.

However, she expressed gratitude for the support of her husband and the special bond her children have developed, especially with her sister, who generously agreed to be a kidney donor.

“It was very hard for them and they feared they would lose me. They would ask my husband but they could not ask me. When I got a donor, we told them and they have a special love for my sister for accepting to be a kidney donor.”

Reflecting on the strain her illness has placed on her marriage, Wanjiru spoke candidly about the emotional struggles and the subsequent decision to seek therapy as a family.

Through therapy, they have found strength in unity and a deeper appreciation for the vows of “for better, for worse.”

“I knew my husband loved me, but it is through this journey that I realized he kept his promise of ‘for better, for worse,'” Wanjiru shared.

Size 8, empathising with struggles, recounted her own battles, including a weight loss journey that led her to step away from social media in 2023, citing feelings of inadequacy and the challenges of motherhood.

“I felt like I had even failed my children. Basic things like playing with my kids were not easy. People thought that I was lazy,” Size 8 said.