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Exclusive: DJ Krowbar – I cry every night seeing how much Kenyans have supported us

The power of unity and compassion has shone brightly after Kenyans came together to support DJ Krowbar and his ailing wife, Wanjiru Karumba, in their efforts to raise Sh6 million for Wanjiru’s kidney transplant.

Wanjiru needs to have the transplant after being diagnosed with acute kidney injury, which has caused her kidneys to function at only 15 per cent capacity. The couple recently appealed to well-wishers to help them raise the funds.

In an interview with Nairobi News, DJ Krowbar expressed deep gratitude for the overwhelming support they’ve received from well-wishers who have contributed both financially and through prayers.

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“If all goes well, the surgery will happen in November this year. Kenyans have contributed over Sh3.1 million towards the total needed. It is so humbling to see how Kenyans have stood with us during such a challenging time,” DJ Krowbar said.

The DJ initially revealed his partner’s health struggles on social media two weeks ago. Wanjiru’s condition has progressed to its final stage, necessitating a transplant that requires a minimum of Sh6 million.

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According to DJ Krowbar, the outpouring of support has been a source of hope for them.

“I was very hopeless before this began, and just seeing people sending prayer notes via social media is uplifting. On the flip side, there are also humorous aspects, such as those volunteering to sell us their kidneys. This is a testament to how tough life has become, and I understand them, and I would never judge them,” he said.

“I have received messages from people suggesting we seek out specific pastors to pray for us. Some people believe that God works only through particular individuals. However, for us, the transplant itself is a miracle, and people may not fully grasp that. Wanjiru’s sister will be donating her kidney, which is a remarkable act of love.”